They say we’ll have some wind today. We’ll sit
beneath unmoving haze between two highs.
Your head will ache; you’ll have a coughing fit.
And more’s the startle that these facts surprise.

Is anyone awake? Why be so shocked
to learn a poison’s toxic or it’s bad
to radiate your brain? You know we rocked
a tender balance:
Now the gods are mad.


rainbow brain

When I was young I wanted to be male.
How genital equipment could create
profound discrepancy I’d weekly fail
to comprehend. But it appeared my fate
would be to linger kitchenbound like Mom
at parties, talking babies, food and health;
applying makeup, dreaming of the prom;
while all the men had news, prestige, and wealth.

I learned then what it’s like to be perceived
as weak and sweet and passive, classified
a maiden, my directness disbelieved,
my strength distrusted, dirtied, or denied.
I found out how unfair assumptions are
(like those of each religion organized
by men) and more, I understood they’re far
from being true, and worthless as devised.

When I was young I wanted to be male –
Perhaps I intersected history,
when women walk outside without a veil,
and girls are manifesting destiny.

The Acolyte and the Author


What does it feel like, to rest on your laurels?
Leaning on branches or sitting on leaves?
With all your advances and pausing withdrawals,
do you ever doubt what your master believes?

How would he measure your growth and promotion?
Why did he stop you from climbing that hill?
(You’ve made him your target of love and devotion,
divining fulfillment from marketing skill.)

And where does it surge from, my drive to be writing?
Why do I gather such nonsense to sing?
Though I can be witty, I’m more into biting,
and I still don’t know how to know anything.

Quiet Fire


I’ll celebrate your birthday for a week:
I’ll kindle you with toys and sweets,
select and offer food and wine,
regard your theories, rub your callused feet,
enjoy your body thoroughly with mine.

And when our celebration ends, we’ll seek
no more, and you’ll take nothing back
but memories. Our ember days
will settle in sweet cinders, sifting black
upon your shoulders as you walk away.


love letter

The weight of friendship lays on me so lightly,
canopies so rightly on my heart,
that I can carry it a hundred years.

The bands we braid of self-respect delight me,
stabilize my stance until I start
to range beyond the boundaries of fears.

Less heavy than a dandelion seed
and more ephemeral than gossamer
are what you ask of me. To meet that need
unneedful, to attend the low murmur
beneath your conversation: these are light
responsibilities. They’re friendship’s right.

Necessary Sadness


Grief starts
almost like heartburn
creeping up in me
with uneasy tightness
while I try to determine
the cause of disquiet.

Something is missing
and the fact that I removed it
or that removal is right
does not fill the void.

Time will mend me
and while it unwinds
I’ll mine this mood for poetry,
explore this mine for mood,
invert this mind to spill
a balm of wisdom
on a healing wound.

Time moves
daily more swiftly
pushing me ahead
forever relentless
but I catch looking backwards
the patterns in its wake.

Paint Chip Haiku


From a construction project: write Haiku using Sherwin Williams paint color names.

wisteria blooms
pilloried between fence slats
face the morning sun

Morning Sun)

intimate white left
to age on old wickerwork
in rainwashed comfort

(Intimate White

fireworks over
still water in the distance
salute the dark night

Still Water
Dark Night)